What material are your fountains and statues made of?
Our fountains and statues are made of fine quality concrete. Unlike statues made of Plaster-of-Paris, which will disintegrate in a short time when exposed to the elements, our products are designed to be both durable and attractive in your garden.

Will I need to install special plumbing for my new fountain?
No, all of our fountains use recirculating pumps. However, you do need a 110v GFCI outlet to plug the pump into. All you need to do is assemble your fountain, fill it with water, plug in the pump, and enjoy!

Are there any assembly instructions available to help me put my fountain together properly?
Yes, simply click on the ASSEMBLY button on the page that displays your fountain for assembly instructions.

Do I need to pour a concrete pad for my fountain?
Although a concrete pad under your fountain is always recommended for stability, it may not always be necessary. It depends on the style of the fountain and the stability of the ground where the fountain is going to be placed. Make sure you place your fountain on a firm, level surface that will remain that way even when it becomes wet from rain or splash.

How often do I have to fill my fountain?
Assuming your fountain has been properly assembled, it may lose water due to evaporation and splash. It may be necessary to add water as much as twice a week or more depending on the outdoor temperature and the style of the fountain. Some fountain styles tend to splash more than others, and therefore need to be refilled more often. Many of our customers run a drip irrigation line to their fountain and refill it every time they water, automatically!

How do I keep the water in my fountain clean?
The water in your fountain will turn green due to algae growth. This occurs naturally in almost all fountains, especially when the weather warms up. Use water treatments such as FOUNTEC, which kill the algae in the water. This product, which needs to be applied to the water periodically according to the instructions, is safe for birds and dogs, but not for fish.

What finishes are available?
We currently offer 28 distinctive and durable finishes which highlight the fine details of each statue in a unique and attractive manner. Please check our home page for a complete display of our color finishes.

What’s the difference between standard and premium finishes? Is one better than the other?
All of our finishes are very durable, so there is no difference in quality. While our standard finishes are either paints or washes, our premium finishes are surface-applied stains that actually react with the concrete to give it color. These stains are more costly and require more labor to apply, resulting in a slightly higher price.

Can I put my fountain indoors?
Due to splashing and possible water damage, all of our fountains are intended for outdoor use only.

I’ve assembled my fountain, put in water, and plugged it in, but it doesn’t work. What could be wrong?
First, check the pump and make sure it is running. If it is, check that the water flow regulator (either slide or dial) is in the fully open position. If the water flow regulator is turned down, there may not be enough water pressure to push the water to the top of the fountain. Also, make sure that there is no foreign matter obstructing the intake of the pump. Finally, check to make sure that the vinyl tubing connecting the pump to the top of the fountain is not kinked.

Should I protect my fountains and statuary during the winter months?
If you live in an area where freezing occurs, you should take precautions to protect your fountains and statuary during the winter months. Though we use quality materials, we cannot guarantee our products against ice damage, which causes concrete to break up and disintegrate. You should remove all water from bowls or any area where water may collect. If you cannot disassemble your fountain or statuary and move it out of the elements for winter storage, you should cover the fountain or statue with a plastic tarp. You may want to place burlap or another absorbent material inside the plastic tarp to absorb any condensation. Do NOT allow water to collect in any part of your fountain or statue and do NOT allow your fountain or statue to sit in a pool of water.

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